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Renewal Christian Centre is a family church in the Solihull. It would be equally acurate to describe it as an 'über-church', with thousands of people passing through its doors every week.

As is often the case with large churches, their website – a critical part of the internal and external communication strategy – had become clogged over time with a depth of content it hadn't been designed to contain. So, as part of a wide-reaching refresh of it's branding and PR colaterol, we helped them push the reset button on their digital presence.


The brief was simple; they needed a clean, fresh, responsive site that engaged visitors, communicated clearly the nature of their community, and enable the next phase of the Church's development online. It needed to be vibrant, alive with content, visual in it's presentation, and responsive in its construction.


Working closely with the vision of their staff, we designed a photographically anchored site, breathing canvases laying a textural underpinning for easily navigable page structures and content. We deployed an open source content management system, built on Django, enhanced with apps of our own imagining, which gave the editorial team the tools they needed to give each and every page a structure and identity all of its own. And while large-canvas background imagery isn't unusual in today's interweb, we went a step further, and give them the ability to deliver full-screen video backgrounds to their content; a feature which is being used from the homepage and throughout the site, to incredible effect.


We could talk stats, analytics and client satisfaction testimonials here, but the stand-out come for us, is that fact that the site won Most Engaging Large Church Website and came runner-up as Best New or Redesigned Website at the Christian New Media Awards 2013.

What's next?

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Photographically lead, video content running full-bleed in the screen really has to be seen to be fully appreciated!
Landing pages designed to give users easy path-ways out to deeper content. These areas aren't exhaustive, instead they offer a flavour of the content to follow.
Simple, flexible, sponge-like pages capable of absorbing any content and almost any layout the editors chose for a given page.
Beyond the ubiquitous blog and form tools, the site is crammed with high-end tools like a podcast delivery system, mobile responsive templates and donation mechanisms powered by Go Cardless.
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