Our work on Macmillan's Instant Headline Generator

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In the words of our client…

“Staff wanted to use our ‘hand drawn’ (unique) font, called Macmillan Headline, in their communications. However, we were keen it was always used well (kerning/leading, colours etc correct). We went to Blanc with the challenge, and they built us our Instant Headline Generator. It makes creation easy and quick for staff, but maintains the integrity of our font. The team totally understood what we needed, the challenges concerned, and were great to work with. It’s been hugely well received – lots of ‘amazing’ ‘incredible’ from across the organisation. It’s a real advantage for all our staff.

“From my POV we hadn’t really commissioned anything like this before, so Blanc were a very assured and clued-up team to work with. They had the dual understanding and skills we needed in terms of visual/design understanding plus real tech knowledge.

“They were perfect for the job.”

Barbara Cormie, Creative Manager, Macmillan Cancer Support

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