Our work on Greenpeace's Arctic 30 campaign

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Every now and again we have the opportunity to work on jobs that put our work in the front-line of organisations' communication strategies. This was one of those jobs. On 18 September 2013 Greenpeace activists staged a peaceful protest at the site of Gazprom's Prirazlomnaya drilling platform. I think we all know how that ended...


Greenpeace quickly mobilised to raise awareness of the situation across the media. People from all over the world responded, in their number were artists and designers who spontaneously began offering up artwork and poster designs. Wanting to encourage and equip these creatives, Greenpeace wanted to put together a design-lead microsite where they could promote the artwork that had been submitted.


We designed a rich one-page site, which not only evoked a sense of the environment Greenpeace are fighting to save, but told the story of the Arctic 30. Informed by silk-screen textures and Soviet era propaganda posters, the page would also encompasses a gallery and asset download area, split into streamed groups, enabling graphic and motion artists to access exactly the assets they needed.


On 20 November 2013, the Arctic 30 were bailed pending trial in Russia. The fight continues at the point of this writing, and we can only hope that the part we play in this bigger story delivers the results our client has in its sights.

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