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We've worked with the guys at Rechord (now Engaging Networks) on may projects over the years. This was by far the most exciting of them all. Rechord had won the contract to develop a new Drupal based website for FoEE, and wanted to offer their client a polished, premium finish to compliment their excellent construction.


FoEE's existing site was a few years old, and while it was working hard to keep their supporters up to date, it's bloggy structure wasn't enabling it to communicate the depth of content the organisation had to offer. A root and branch rebuild was in order.


We worked alongside Rechord to put flesh on the wireframe-bones they supplied. We developed two distinct design pathways for FoEE to evaluate, and while one was ultimately selected over the other, the route left behind enabled the client to view the subject from more than one angle, with many of the conceptual details being pulled through. Working to a tight functional specification, we ensure that the design worked hard, not only to guide users around the site and find what they were after, but to give FoEE the depth and flexibility their content demanded.


With a new lease of life, the NGO's online activity has gone from strength to strength. Freed from its restrictive framework, and paired with a fluid and flexible design language, Friends of the Earth Europe now have the website they desperately needed.

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