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Engaging Networks
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Engaging Networks are a software company providing tools for not-for-profit organisations, enabling them to leverage their online activity through the latest and greatest in online technology.


Their website needed rethinking. Engaging Networks' sector wasn't the most dynamic when it comes to brand communication and so they recognised an opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competition. They needed a website that would enable them stand out from the crowd, that would get them noticed and would hold users attention when they did.


We worked with the client to develop a contemporary, accessible design language which would out-shine their competitors. Adding a secondary pallet to their brand brought their site to life. Introducing iconography to services provided intuitive cue-points for users. And constructing a bold layout framework, involving dramatic contrast and colour usage, brought the site bang up to date.


The changes, combined with an overhauled IA and content strategy, saw an overnight sea-change in their user analytics, including average visit duration up 96% and individual page views up a whomping 132%.

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We didn't want Engaging Networks to feel like just another software company. It would have been really easy to fill the homepage with developer clich├ęs; virtual product boxes, bullet-pointed fact sheets and the like. Instead we opted to use the design language of the marketeer. Punchy messaging, confident colour, user friendly iconography and strong typographic-lead structure.
Flexibility and finesse in styling combined to deliver consistency of communication throughout the site.
We also helped them think about how they might deliver demonstration examples of their software in action.
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