Our work on Amnesty International's Write for Rights campaign

Amnesty International Secretariat
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Amnesty International need little introduction, they are arguably the world's most prominent organisation championing human rights. It was a privilege, during 2014, to start referring to them as a client.

A regular feature of Amnesty's annual campaign calendar, is Write for Rights. Launched in 2001, Write for Rights has been responsible for focusing and enabling a global letter writing campaign, targeting specific human rights injustices through a global platform.


Amnesty International Secretariat needed to build a central portal to function as a hub which could be referred to by the many national offices. The brief was simple, though not trivial; a single, multi-lingual page that would…

  • Grab the attention of prospective campaigners
  • Engage their interest in the subject
  • Enstil a desire to do something with the content presented
  • Convict them of the importance of their involvement in the campaign, and
  • Motivate them to action


A set of visually lead, flat pages, allowing users to easily jump around the content in an animated and fluid fashion. We relied heavily upon the stunning illustration assets created for the greater campaign and tight integration with core brand collateral, to deliver a stunningly simple page layout that maximised our ability to act upon our client's needs within, what was a very short lead-time.

Given that the roll of the pages was to maximise click throughs to the primary action pages elsewhere within the site, we payed special attention to the calls to action, giving them some stand-out behaviours to ensure users found them and engaged.


At the point of writing, the action totaliser maintained centrally by Amnesty, currently reads 1,857,085 actions taken world wide. That's well on the way to passing last year's record of 2.3 million signatures.

We like to include a client quote where possible. For this project, we rather like…

*high-five*Helen Barratt, Website Operations Manager, Amnesty International Secretariat
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