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Paul Evans
Designer + Director

Standard nerd. Photography geek. LEGO™ enthusiast. Passionately creative. Oddly analytical. Whisky evangelist. Coffee snob.

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Steve Hawkes
Developer + Director

Idea synthesizing complex-multi-faceted project delivering ENFP. Lover of books, kites, hacks, sushi, Adventure time and typographical maths.

Edvinas Jurevicius

Wild. Django developer. Programmer geek. Basketball player. Loves dogs & linux.

Richard Peters
Front End Developer

 Also known as ‘The Flash’. Front End developer. Commonwealth Games athlete. Cyclist. Lover of speed, food, and a good ‘ol Somerset cider.

Alex Tomkins

Django developer. Sysadmin. Tenpin bowler. Tea drinker. Bubble-wrap addict. Advocate of tie-wraps to tidy everything. Slayer of dragons.

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