About our thoughts on our work with 52 Lives

Our work with 52 Lives

19 August 2015 in Business

We started our 1 in 10 scheme to enable us to help worthy charities and people who might otherwise miss out due to lack of funding. It was this scheme that introduced us to Jaime of 52 Lives, a one-woman voluntary organisation that changes people‚Äôs lives on a weekly basis. We think that the following write up from Jaime demonstrates just how valuable 1 in 10 is to the people that benefit from it - and how rewarding it is for us.

"About 18 months ago, I started a website called 52 Lives. 52 Lives aims to help change someone's life every week of the year, with the help of kind strangers all over the world. Every week, I share a story of someone in need of help and request what they need - and our amazing network of supporters do the rest.

"52 Lives started as a Facebook page, and later became a website (which I created myself). I soon realised that the site wasn't adequate for what I needed - it was fairly poorly designed, updating it was complicated, and the functionality was very limited. But I had no budget for a new website so was a bit stuck.

"Then I came across Blanc's 1 in 10 project - an amazing initiative that involves the lovely Blanc team donating their time to worthy causes. I submitted an application for them to consider helping 52 Lives, and was absolutely thrilled when they said yes.

"From day 1, they were nothing but professional. Although they were doing the work for free, it never felt that way -they dedicated significant time and resources to helping me. From initial logo concepts and web design, to the more technical side of things, I was so impressed by everything they did for me. They have a brilliant mix of talents - a very strong and adaptable creative team led by helpful (and very patient - sorry for all my questions!) technical people.

"A few days after the website launched, 52 Lives was featured on ITV's Surprise Surprise programme and the website traffic went through the roof. 52 Lives gained more than 50,000 supporters in a few hours. Without me even asking them to, the Blanc team had systems in place and were on standby to deal with any issues, which they did quickly and professionally.

"I am so grateful for everything they have done for me. The website looks fantastic and does everything I need it to do and more. I was kept fully informed every step of the way. And above all else, they are just a lovely bunch of people to work with.

I think the 1 in 10 Project is a fantastic idea - more companies should do this!"

Jaime Thurston, 52 Lives