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The missing letters

10 June 2015 in Inspiration

Last week we wrote about a beautiful campaign that was being run in Peru in order to raise awareness for more organ donations. This week we’re talking about a campaign and issue a little closer to home. The NHS launched a week long campaign on Monday called #MissingLetters to highlight the fact that they desperately need more blood donors. It is a known fact that not enough people donate blood, but what you may not be aware of there being a 40 per cent decrease of new people donating blood in the last year compared to the amount donating ten years ago. To put this into perspective, this means 120,000 fewer people are giving blood.

As part of #MissingLetters and National Blood Week street signs and shop fronts have been removing the letters from their signage to raise awareness and encourage people to sign up and give blood. The phenomenon has spread vast and wide with Green and Blacks tweeting their packaging with missing letters to London’s Downing Street dropping their ‘O’. The NHS is hoping this campaign will encourage 204,000 new donors to come forward in order to replace those who no longer can donate.

Assistant Director for Donor Services and Marketing at NHS Blood and Transplant, Jon Latham believes we ‘can’t ignore the fact that there has been a stark reduction in the number of new donors coming forward’. Blood donation is vital for a number of medical procedures and isn’t just limited to emergencies and operations. The blood you donate it used in vast range of medical situations from patients receiving chemotherapy to giving relief to those who are terminally ill. Some people are unsure if they can give blood for medical or personal reasons, but the Give Blood website provides a quick and easy check to see if you are eligible. 

Roz, Designer