About our 1 in 10 programme

What is 1 in 10?

The idea is a simple one; for every nine projects we do, we donate a tenth to a worthy charitable organisation. That donation typically represents five days of billable time.

Okay, but why?

Putting it simply, we want to be able to help as many people as possible. Through the course of any given year, we meet so many people from so many organisations with vision that isn’t matched by their marketing budget.

We recognise that in any sector, you dress for the job you want, not the job you have, and that’s something that applies to organisations as well as individuals. By donating project time to a worthy client, we can help them better reflect to the world who they are and where they are going. By levelling-up an organisation’s comms resources, we can help them realise their goals faster.

It means we get to work with some fantastic people, with fresh ideas and raw possibilities; support causes that might otherwise get overlooked; all while making a tangible impact on the world, for good.

How does a typical project flow?

Once a client has been identified — often because they’ve already approached us for some reason — we’ll work with them to define the scope of a project to ensure it’s achievable within the time available. We’ll then map out a rough timeline for the delivery of that project, and once the client is happy with where we’re going, we get started.

What could you do for us in a week’s worth of time?

It varies. It could be a new brand, a whole content managed website, it could be a specific web app, or it could be added to the total budget pot assigned to a greater project. Some clients have added some of their own funds to the cost of the job in order to maximize our donation of time, and enable it to go further.

The sky’s the limit, in so far as the bit of sky you’re aiming for can be reached inside a working week. But part of the service is helping you identify and scope-limit the brief to ensure that together, we get there.

What do previous beneficiaries look like?

We can’t talk about all of the 1 in 10 work we’ve done, but here are a few highlights…

Can I put my organisation forward for the 1in10 programme?

Yes. Of course, we can’t make promises about the likelihood of your selection, nor on how quickly the next 1 in 10 will roll around. But we do commit to considering every application that comes our way. If you’d like to put your organisation forward, please  drop us a line and introduce yourself.